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Crossing the Finish Line: How to Organise a Successful Fun Run

A fun run is an exciting way to raise money and engage your community with a healthy event. Due to their open-to-everyone nature, you can attract a diverse range of contestants, from dedicated runners looking for a training race to families who want to enjoy an active morning out together.

Organising a fun run takes a lot of time and effort. There are numerous factors to consider, but safety should be on top of your priorities. From conceptualisation to actual execution to contacting safety clothing suppliers, you must dedicate time and effort to ensuring the success and safety of your event.

Choose the Ideal Location and Date

Picking an ideal venue for the race is integral to the success of your event. Proximity and accessibility are vital when picking a venue. Consider a large area that is easily accessible and open so as to avoid overcrowding. Major roads and wide areas are ideal options for a running event as they provide ample space for a sizeable group of participants and onlookers, alike.

Avoid planning your fun run on dates when a number of races are happening simultaneously. This way, you can be more assured of a good turnout of running aficionados at your event. Remember to check on venue availability, as well, for your preferred date. Take holidays and weekends into account because this is typically when people are available.

Get Road Permission

If your event will take place in a major road or will impact it in a significant way, you have to secure a permit beforehand. In Victoria, VicRoads is responsible for the management of all major roads and freeways. They take safety, traffic impact and congestion and effects of non-road activities into account. VicRoads notes on their website that a complete permit application has to be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event. You also need to notify Victoria Police and obtain a highway events permit that typically requires two months’ prior notice.

These permits may come at respective fees, so it’s best to find out prior to the day of application. Allow ample time between your event and securing all the documents and permits you need in case there are delays or other matters that need to be straightened out with the issuing party.

Don't Forget the Sponsors

With administration costs, amenities and sound and timing equipment, a fun run’ expenses can quickly balloon. An effective way to offset these costs is to recruit sponsors from your local community. Sponsors can offer in-kind contributions or cash. For instance, you can ask a local bakery or cafe to donate breakfast food for participants to eat after they finish the run. Grocery stores can provide bottled water and snacks.

Of course, sponsors expect acknowledgement in return, be it printing their logo on the official event T-shirt or on a banner at the starting line. Many organisations create a tier system for sponsorship, where different donation amounts provide different levels of recognition. For example, the top sponsors can have their logo prominently displayed on the event T-shirts or giveaways.

Provide Supplies and Amenities

As fun runs have grown in scale and popularity, the amenities that organisers provide also improve. The most important amenity expected at any run are water stations. There should be a water station at every mile of the course and at the finish line to keep participants hydrated. Sports drinks are also common at these events and you can keep costs down by asking a supplier to sponsor. Many companies are willing to donate their products and send promotional staff as long as they get acknowledgement during the event.

Whether or not you should offer food to participants is a more complex question. There are a number of fun runs that provide some kind of recovery food at the finish line such as protein bars or fruit. Ideally, this is another area where you can recruit sponsors and donations.

Other than drinks and food, official event T-shirts are the most common fun run amenity. This wearable souvenir is also a convenient way to promote your event as well as recognise your partners and sponsors.

Safety First

As mentioned, of the many factors to consider when planning a running event, safety should be your top priority. From traffic control and water stations to the presence of a medical team and first-aid personnel, you should take all aspects into account to prevent untoward incidents.

Traffic management is vital to keeping the participants of your event safe from vehicular traffic. Enhance the visibility of your event grounds by putting up proper signage and markers to alert drivers, especially if your event will impact major roads. Set up traffic control flags and banners for optimal visibility. These traffic safety flags and indicators effectively signal motorists that the area has been temporarily closed off or that traffic has been rerouted.

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