Roadworker wearing safety gear

The rainy season is a complicated time for the construction industry, especially for those working on road construction. The roads are more slippery and visibility is poorer. Workers are exposed to the cold, and there is a chance for lightning to strike.

Road construction workers are more prone to accidents while working while it's raining. These can be as minor as slips and falls, or as damaging as a collision with an oncoming driver. Either way, an accident on the site brings costs due to delays, medical expenses and replacement of equipment. It could also lower motivation among employees.

The key to smooth operations is ensuring the safety of the employees and the work zone. Here are key features that keep workers safe during inclement weather:

Preparing the Construction Site

Creating a contingency plan helps you prepare for the safety of the workers and your site. If your project is scheduled for the rainy season, start evaluating site-specific risks and procuring protective equipment.

Proper Protective Gear

It goes without saying that employees should wear  personal protective equipment (PPE) while they’re working. Their clothing must be high-visibility or reflective so that they’re seen by oncoming drivers. Add an outer layer of rain gear to protect them from the wet and cold. Workers shoes must also have an extra tread to prevent falls and trips.

Weather-Proof Equipment

Common sense dictates that you should not use equipment that is not meant for use during the rain. Delay any task that involves the use of electricity and have it done indoors or when the weather is dry. Use tools and devices with non-slip handles to prevent them from slipping while employees are working.

Road Safety Equipment

Oncoming drivers must be aware that there’s construction going on and that they should drive slowly. Use traffic safety flags to alert drivers in good time to make necessary adjustments. Make sure that the flags are brightly coloured for optimal visibility.  

Shelter from the Rain

Put up a temporary shelter for workers to take a break from the wind and rain. Add space heaters, if necessary.

Work Slowly

Workers may be tempted to work as fast as possible so they can return indoors. Coach them to work diligently but carefully to lessen the chances of getting into an accident. Caution often gets the work done almost as quickly but much more safely.

Promoting Safety with Traffic Warning Flags from Green Triangle Distributors

Green Triangle Distributors provides construction companies with safety equipment to minimise risks during road construction. Our range of hand-held flags and heavy-duty bunting are a quick and cost-effective solution to signal to drivers and prevent accidents from happening on the site.

We make sure that our flags and bunting are easily visible to drivers. Choose from neon orange, red and yellow, or opt for two-coloured flags or flags with reflective tape. The quality of products are long-lasting, and they can be reused for future projects.

At Green Triangle Distributors, safety is our number one goal. Contact our sales team on (03) 5561 1424 for enquiries about our products.