child wearing kids road safety vestrear-view of child wearing kids road safety vest


Green Triangle Distributors were recently asked to make a Kids VIC Roads Style vest to fit an age 10.

We were pleased to turn this order round and deliver to our customer the very next day!

The importance of safety vests for kids

Safety clothing in Australia is essential for children as it is for adults. The high contrast colours and industrial grade reflective strips make children stand out, reducing parental stress and worry in large open areas or crowded spaces. With the Kids VIC Roads Style vest, parents will be able to spot their kids much more easily.

The vests are used for a wide variety of applications such as school excursions, sporting events and playgroup activities. Children can also wear them when they walk to school, ride bikes or play in busy areas. The bright clothing will make children more easily seen in outdoor environments at certain times of the day as well as in specific weather or lighting conditions. The vest will transform any outfit into safety gear.

The benefits of wearing KIDS VIC Roads Style vests for children

  • The vests keep kids safe because they're designed to comply with the standards of workplace safety organisations.
  • The durable and machine washable fabrics are designed to withstand the dirt and rigours of playtime.
  • During school excursions, the vests promote a sense of belonging. Kids will easily spot their peers who are wearing the same vests and adults will be able to supervise them closely due to their bright clothing.
  • The vests can be a stepping stone towards important conversations regarding personal safety, the dangers of getting lost and road safety.
  • With the vests on, kids are more visible at night, during poor weather or low seasonal daylight and in environments where vegetation or crowds can hide or camouflage the children.
  • The vests are extremely important when parents or teachers are navigating children around a potentially hazardous area. The vests ensure that the children can be easily spotted if ever they wander off from the group or find themselves in a dangerous situation.

The wearing of high-visibility vests requires a sensitive and sensible thought process. As a parent or as an educator, you want to make outdoor experiences a normal and happy part of playtime and education for children. While you want to make children aware of the dangers present, you would not want to frighten them into an overly anxious state.

It never hurts to be prepared and high-visibility vests give you and the children an added layer of protection.

Customised Safety Clothing for Kids from Green Triangle Distributors

You can't put a price on children's safety but as a leading supplier of safety clothing, our high-vis jackets are reasonably priced, allowing parents and schools to keep children safe without breaking the bank. We are also very flexible with what we offer. If there's a product that you can't find in our selection, we can customise it for you.

For any Custom Vest enquiries please contact our sales team on (03) 5561 1424.